23 Jan 2018

How to Entertain the Phoenician Way

23 Jan 2018

The Phoenicians were known for a lot more than just the use of the alphabet. Our Event Manager, Venesa, dishes up top tips on how to treat your guests to a feast at your next event.

The Phoenicians, had an enormous influence on the ancient world due to their tastes, knowledge, and ability to seize an opportunity when it arises. As an an empire filled with courageous merchants and seafarers, they were the first to venture across a great distance, filling their ships with the finest the world has to offer.

The Phoenicians, though gone, have not only been a great influence to the ancient world but to our small culinary microcosm – the El-Phoenician Group. Like the Phoenicians, we’ve strived to offer the finest produce on offer, served in an abundance of flair and colour, to our guests.
And now, thanks to top tips from our Event Manager, Venesa, you can do the same! Here are her top tips for entertaining Phoenician style at your next gathering.

Purple has long been associated with royalty and wealth for centuries, and the Phoenicians capitalised on its popularity, adorning their garments and ship masts with tyrian purple. A warm, reddish hue, the colour was achieved by gathering the poisonous secretion of sea snails.
But, according to Venesa, you don’t have to go to such drastic measures to achieve a glorious setting.

“Use just a splash of your favourite purple — a runner, and napkins, flower arrangements, or the design on your dinnerware — to give your event a really regal feel,” she says.

As stated, Phoenician merchants once scoured the earth to bring back exotic goods to their cities, including silk, perfumes, spices, ebony, ivory, amber, and precious stones and metals. Now, while we’re sure your guests would love to receive an exuberant goodie bag filled with precious stones and Tom Ford’s latest essence, Venesa feels the generous Phoenician spirit can be used to inspire a spread filled with delicious morsels of food.

“Some might be lucky to serve their guests caviar on teaspoons made from pearl, or a shaving of truffles on their imported triple cream brie,” she says. “But if you’re on a budget, think seasonal. There’s nothing nicer than offering guests a variety of seasonal offerings that taste and look their best!”

Inscribed on artefacts found by today’s top archaeologists are scenes depicting large gatherings, dressed in their finest, indulging in tables burgeoning with a feast that would take days to consume. As such, the Phoenicians could only be described as generous and bountiful.

“Serving your guests banquet style not only adds a wow factor to your next event but, it also saves you a lot of time and effort,” she says. “You could even opt for a buffet. That way, you won’t miss out on all those special moments with your guests.”

The Phoenicians loved both entertainment and setting the ambiance for a night of feasting and fun after a long voyage. However, you don’t have to hoist up a large marquee and hire an entire dance troupe to set the tone for a pitch perfect event.

“Use both music and scent,” Venesa says. “Set your iPhone or Spotify account to music that offers the right ambience but isn’t too loud that your friends can’t hear you. Also, a few scented candles provide great lighting and an awesome perfume to accompany your Phoenician feast!”

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