14 Jan 2019

Our new beverage list takes you on a Phoenician journey

14 Jan 2019

Inspired by the seafaring nature of our ancestors, our new beverage list will take you on a journey through the sights and wonders of the world, captured by the Phoenicians during their travels at sea.

A good wine, much like art, should always tell a story. It is the story that add extra value, that turns a good wine into a favourite.

With that in mind, we thought it proper to tell the story of the Phoenicians — our seafaring ancestors who ventured to the far corners of the earth to gather only the finest herbs and oils — with each and every drop.

El-Phoenician’s new beverage list takes you on a journey throughout the docks and ports once visited by our Phoenician ancestors. From the Mediterranean to Arabian and Asian territories, and throughout the far reaches of Africa, this seafaring empire wove a rich tapestry of tastes, aimed to appease a variety of affluent palates.
Paying homage to the Phoenician homeland, our new list also includes the very best Lebanese wines, along with tried-and-true Australian favourites – the final resting port for the Phoenician name.

In addition to new wines, our list also showcases the flavours of the Middle East throughout our cocktails and mocktails.

The Phoenician is our signature. Through a dose of Frangelico, Amaretto and Cointreau, it captures the rich and zesty essence of Lebanese cuisine.

Then there’s the Spicy Sunset. Containing chilli, the king of spices, this cocktail also includes Za’atar-infused Beefeater gin, chilli and cinnamon liqueur, blood orange, and lime juice.

And while we still have our classics, we’re pressed to find someone who will turn down a Mandarin Fizz on a summer’s day. Inspired by the tangy fruits once introduced by the Phoenicians to the Mediterranean, this cocktail combines Vedrenne mandarin liqueur, mandarine pulp, and sparkling wine.

With a new list of decadent wines and exotic cocktails, the result is a perfect marriage between beverage and banquet.


From all of us at El-Phoenician.

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