17 Dec 2016

Sydney Festival’s Hakawati @ The Private Room On Church

17 Dec 2016
Image Credit : Luke Stambouliah).

Image Credit : Luke Stambouliah).

As proud sponsors of Sydney Festival 2017, El-Phoenician will be host to the world premiere of Hakawati by The National Theatre Of Parramatta, under the direction of Wayne Harrison at The Private Room on Church, Parramatta.

Inspired by the ancient Arabic traditions of story-telling and breaking bread, Hakawati celebrates food, music and the telling of tales during a series of balmy summer nights at Parramatta’s El-Phoenician restaurant.

Hakawati, an Arabic word, translates as ‘the teller of tales’ and was the major form of entertainment in many Arabic communities before television arrived.

Hakawatis were also influential propagandists and problem-solvers.

At El-Phoenician, their art is revived in an intimate setting as meaningful stories with universal wisdom are shared. Feast on tales of heroism, tragedy and comedy, derived from myth and told with a distinctly modern Western Sydney flavour.

This is a feast, not just of food, but also of stories. Relish in tales of heroism, tragedy and comedy over four delicious courses.

Hakawati is a unique experience not to be missed! Tickets available here:

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